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We also offer EIFS services for our beloved customers in Tampa, Florida, and nearby cities. If you need installation, inspection, or repair of EIFS, you can count on us. Rest assured that we can provide you with high-quality services for your EIFS. EIFS stands for External Insulation and Finishing Systems. This type of stucco is quite different from traditional stucco. While the latter uses natural ingredients and mesh, EIFS utilizes layers that add in synthetic materials. Polystyrene foam board is what the first layer is composed of. A fiberglass mesh then follows this, then a finishing coat. Other systems put additional water-resistant barriers or different layers. Once these are applied, the EIFS can provide more insulation and protection than the traditional stucco.

EIFS Inspection

EIFS inspection serves as a precautionary measure and a follow-up checkup to possible risks of more complex damages. Comparing the home’s visual conditions and details to the published guidelines of proper inspection is not enough. For the EIFS to be inspected correctly, a consultation from a professional would help. By hiring professionals, you get to ensure that the stucco is checked thoroughly, and any possible repairs will be addressed quickly and effectively. If you find any damages in your stucco, feel free to contact our company. Aside from our thorough inspection services, we also offer EIFS stucco repair Tampa. Rest assured that just like how high-quality our inspection services are, it’s all the same with our EIFS repair services.

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EIFS Installation

Acquiring EIFS installation is highly advantageous. First and foremost, as it is stucco, it can help the home or structure keep cool during summer and keep warm during winter. Supporting this statement, a 2012 Better Buildings Federal (US) Awards Program said that an EIFS clad building could help reduce energy usage up to 45% in 12 months. Aside from this, an EIFS stucco can also resist fading, yellowing, mold, dirt, mildew, and chalking. It means that it won’t require you too much maintenance. Cracking would be none of your concern as well, as an EIFS helps in absorbing building movement. By this, unsightly cracking problems are more avoided. The research done at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, supported by the US Department of Energy, says that EIFS can offer better moisture and thermal control than other sidings like stucco, brick, and fiber-cement. And lastly, it provides the user with a wide variety of impressive outcomes, as it is very flexible. It offers a limitless option of colors, textures, and even shapes and designs. We ensure that our crews that will serve our beloved customers are professional, highly-trained, and experienced. Their years of working in this field enabled them to gain sufficient experience and expertise. To secure our service quality, we ensured that the materials to be utilized in our projects are high-quality and only to be used by our trusted professionals.

We highly value and respect the time, trust, and money endowed to us from every project. Thus, rest assured that we will work with our utmost best to provide top-tier services.