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You can also avail of stucco refinishing services in our company if you reside in Tampa, Florida. Refinishing stucco typically refers to applying new, two-coat stucco finish over the old and existing stucco surface. There are four standard methods to refinish a stucco. Those methods are fog coating, elastomeric finish, re-painting, and lastly, re-stuccoing, which can offer different approaches and effects on your stucco. First, fog coating is also known as the Allegro Cement Coating method. While it is ideal for refreshing and blending repairs on the same color, it should not be used over smooth surfaces with high density. Allegro Cement Coating is preferred to change the color of all the unpainted stucco finishes. On the other hand, acrylic or elastomeric finishes have a similar application to cement stucco finishes even though the finishing techniques can be quite different. Elastomeric performs well when finished. It can do a better job of bridging small cracks than cement-based finishes. While it can be applied directly to current acrylic-based painted areas, you must prepare the body first to use it to one with loose and chalking paint. For heavily-textured surfaces, a leveling coat may be required in applying before applying acrylic or elastomeric finishes. Re-painting needs pressure washing before the actual application. Once the surface pH drops, priming and painting repairs are required as well. That way, the telegraphing of the repairs is reduced. Re-stuccoing is another method of refinishing the stucco exterior. For this method, the whole surfaces are recoated with a selected finish. If you re-stucco a painted surface, it must be stripped off of paint first with appropriate and necessary methods.

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Before you acquire refinishing services in Tampa, you should check if it requires a few stucco repairs first. Knowing whether you need repair services first would help you avoid extra expenses from mistakes. By doing so, you get to ensure that your investment for the refinishing will not be put to waste. If you need stucco repair Tampa services, you may contact our company. While re-painting or painting on stucco belongs to the most common method for refinishing a stucco, we discourage you from doing it. One of the stucco’s strengths is its porous character. It lets the moisture escape, making it less prone to mold, algae, and mildew growth. By painting the stucco, you prohibit its ability, making it vulnerable to unwanted substances. Besides that, painting requires more maintenance than a stucco finish, and it can only look suitable for a few years.

If you want to do a makeover and refinish your stucco in your Tampa home, you can trust our company. Rest assured that all our work and services are high-quality and top-tier. Our services are delivered by our professional, highly-trained, and experienced stucco contractors in Tampa. We assure you that the materials to be utilized in every project are also high-quality to ensure the goal of providing high-quality services to our beloved customers. We guarantee that all the services are done at the right time, with no overcharging involved. Every trust and project endowed to us is highly valued. Thus, we ensure that our services show how sincere we are in this line of work.