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You can avail of waterproofing services as you work with us for your home or building in Tampa, Florida. Rest assured that the work is going through a professional and efficient process. While stucco is naturally good at controlling the moisture absorption, any damages can affect its ability. For instance, if it has cracks, the water will easily penetrate the stucco. It is where the significance of stucco waterproofing steps in.
Waterproofing stucco walls go through four different methods—waterproof paint, sealant, and waterproof barrier. The first method for waterproofing the stucco wall is by applying a watertight paint. From all of the methods stated above, this is the easiest. However, even though using it is easy, it can also be considered the least reliable. Once the paints get damaged or chipped, the paint’s waterproofing qualities—which is the purpose why stucco is going to be applied—will be compromised. Thus, it can lead you to pay for something that will only last for a short time. Another alternative to making your stucco waterproof is by the application of a sealant. Compared to waterproof paint, applying a bond is a far better choice. To make your stucco waterproof with an adhesive, use the clear silent over the paint or directly onto the stucco. A layer of sealant would add more protection to your stucco than waterproof paint. Lastly, the last option to waterproof your stucco is by waterproofing before applying stucco by a waterproof barrier. The process is through the following; the water barrier will be used between the home and stucco before installing the stucco. Unlike the two methods discussed earlier, this offers a more promising quality. With a waterproof barrier, a whole layer for waterproofing is added. Suppose you want to waterproof your stucco for additional protection. Hiring a professional is a must. By working with professionals, you get to ensure the work’s quality and that your money will not be wasted. Also, you’ll know that you will benefit from your investment for an extended period.

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As mentioned earlier, sightings of cracks and other damages can affect the waterproof abilities of stucco. Before you avail of waterproofing services, make sure that repairs are done first. This way, you know that the stucco to be worked on is good as new and won’t cause damages to the newly applied layer of protection. If you are looking for waterproofing and stucco repair Tampa services, feel free to contact our company. We promise to provide top-tier services to our beloved customers in Tampa. Rest assured that our crews are all highly-trained, experienced, and professional.
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Over the years of working in the stucco industry, our team gained sufficient experience that honed us to provide high-quality services. As we highly respect and value every trust, money, and time given to us in every project, rest assured that the company will do its very best to provide high-quality services to every customer. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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